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    Luck only comes to those who have paid their dues.
    Its time to raise.
    Don’t conform to the standard. Get up! man up! wise up!
    Your comfort zone is your enemy.
    People are to concerned about staying comfortable.
    One path leads you to success. One path leads you to pain.
    Its your choice.
    why are you running to the bar the minute you friends text you’ but you not willing to grow.
    You need to go through struggles to grow. You need to build and to build you need blocks!
    The only way to gain knowledge and awareness is to go where you haven’t gone before!
    Life rewards you with great experiences, but you have to work for it.
    I strongly suggest you begin to pay with your discomfort.
    Study harder, gym more often, work harder and start to build something more!
    Take this as a message to wake up!
    Its time to get what has always been yours, but you’ve ignored so far!
    Its all waiting for you, but outside of your comfort zone.
    Stay strong and keep going.
    If you show people what your made of. The RIGHT people will show up in your life.
    You wont be a lone wolf forever.

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